So you need a storage solution and you’re wondering why you should choose PODS!

Here you’ll find all the information you need, including various moving and storage solutions.

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The PODS concept has been designed to take the stress out of moving and storing. You no longer need to panic about trying to move everything in one day or travelling back and forth from a standard self storage facility.

We deliver the storage direct to your door. You can choose to keep the container at your location (if you have the space) or you can use our Load & Go service. Choose to either load yourself or we can complete all the loading for you.

Once loaded, the container is locked by you, with your own padlock. We will then transport your container into our secure storage facility or if you’re using the container to move home we can transport it directly to your new location.

At PODS, we will tailor a moving and storage solution around your needs.

Storage thats fits your needs

We do the driving

Renting and driving a van or truck to take your stuff to a standard self storage facility can be stressful. So, why not spare yourself the worry and expense? We come to you!

Driving - PODS Load & Go

we do moving, too

So you’re moving home? PODS makes it super easy. We can transport your container to your new home, whether its across town or across the country.

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PODZilla - PODS Load & Go


Have room to keep the container at your location? You can take all the time you need to load and unload yourself.

If you hire a van to move stuff into storage, you’re working against a deadline the second you drive the van away. In addition, since you can take your time, you can gradually load your items so you don’t have a house full of boxes.

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Take Your time - PODS Load & Go


If you’re hiring a van to get your stuff to storage, you have to pick up the van, drive it home, load it, drive it to the storage unit, unload it into the unit, then return the van. And to get your stuff out of storage, you have to repeat the whole process in reverse.
Whew! That’s a lot of work you can avoid if you choose PODS.
Loading & Unload Once - PODS Load & Go


With PODS, your stuff is a simple phone call away. And if you keep your container on your driveway, you have access 24/7. We can deliver your container out of storage to anywhere in the UK.

We will tailor a solution to your needs!

PODS Load Go Storage Facility


Unlike with self-storage, we can help with packing, loading and unloading services, into and out of storage. Our teams will protect all furniture and carpets.

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Loading Services - PODS Load & Go


Watch out for sweet, first-month bait-and-switch deals that are so popular with self-storage businesses. Once you’re locked in, many of them will automatically increase your monthly rent or quote on smaller units initially.

They also ask for expensive deposits, which we don’t!

How It Works - PODS Load & Go

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